The 3d printer control program "Printrun"/"Pronterface" are getting quite old and does not run when installed through the normal channels on Ubuntu 22.04. However, by change, I succeeded in getting it to run by doing the following steps:

  1. Install wxWidget using sudo apt-get install python3-wxgtk4.0
  2. Install pronterface using sudo apt-get install printrun
  3. Clone the printrun git repository using git clone​​​​​​​ - do this in your home folder.
  4. From a terminal window goto your home folder and change to the Printrun folder using cd Printrun
  5. Run pronterface from the terminal window using ./

Pronterface should now run on the desktop. Unfortunately, you have to run it from the terminal window every time - the icon installed by step 2 above does NOT work.