RTLabel v1.11

TLabel and a TButton with rotated text. Also includes a new font object (TRTFont) that add the ability to rotate text to any Font-property.

Delphi 1.0
Delphi 2.0
Delphi 3.0
Help included (Text-document)

Download RTL_SRC.ZIP (8k) with source code for Delphi 2.0 & 3.0 (can be modified for Delphi 1 use easily)
Download RTLABEL.ZIP (25k) for Delphi 1.0 & 2.0
Download RTLAB_33.ZIP (29k) for Delphi 3.0

In an old number of Windows Delveloper Journal there was an article about rotating text in Delphi - but this was done in an very "un-Delphi" way. This component gives you a TRTLabel and TRTButton (RT=Rotated Text) with the ability to rotate the text and a TRTFont that can be assigned to all Font properties.