Photo gallery of TTPSU builds

Here you'll find some pictures of various builders TTPSU and also my original prototype.

Click on the images to see the full version of the pictures!

Hullár Gusztáv has built this very nice and professional looking TTPSU


Arpad Hegedus from Hungary has built this beauty


Evangelos Kenourgios from Greece made this nice TTPSU


Adam from Poland has made this TTPSU - excellent! Notice the lighted buttons!


Duka Martinovic's TTPSU are not quite finished yet, in these pictures, but you can see it is going to be nice.


Philippe Rannou has build a couple of TTPSU's - this is from the inside of one of his builds (remark the professionally produced double sided PCB with silk printing).


Next up is Chris's version


I do not have a finished TTPSU from Enrico, but in his test setup, you can see a professionally made PCB


Finally, my own prototype from 2006, complete with dust and everything